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Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a broad area of the law. It involves the resolution of disputes or claims between individuals, companies, local authorities and government departments by the court.

Disputes typically fall into two categories. Contract disputes, concerning an agreement between two or more parties and civil wrong disputes caused by the acts of one party to another, either deliberately or by reason of negligence.

As such cases vary in value and complexity, it is important to retain a firm that has an exemplary broad track record. We have the skills and experience needed to successfully seek resolution between private individuals as well as multi-million pound business claims.

We can advise clients on all aspects of civil litigation and will tailor our service to meet the needs of their personal circumstance. Our people put clients first and will tirelessly fight their corner to ensure that they feel supported at every turn.

We evaluate the details of a case in great detail, share chances of success and the value of possible damages. Our expert negotiators speak on behalf of our clients and can also commence of defend court proceedings if needed.


If clients do not have pre-existing legal expenses insurance, they may be able to obtain ‘After the Event’ legal expense insurance cover in respect of their own and their opponent’s costs, should their claim be unsuccessful.

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