Private Law

At John Fowlers Solicitors, our legal team comprises a variety of specialisms. If you're looking to move home or purchase a buy-to-let property, our team of conveyancing solicitors in Colchester, Essex, are your go-to. If you're in trouble with the law and need representation, we have expert criminal defence lawyers on hand. Similarly, our dedicated team of solicitors in Colchester manage divorce, separation, and family law, as well as employment law, wills, and estate administration. Whichever legal service it is you need, we have an experienced, qualified solicitor on hand to help.
Our solicitors in Essex also offer mediation services, which can be helpful to settle employment, family, and tenant disputes. If you're looking to settle a dispute outside court, contact our team to request mediation and we'll arrange a time and place that suits all parties. In many cases, this is an excellent way to come to a mutual agreement and put a pin in the issue promptly and properly.

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As well as our private law services, we also offer a variety of commercial services and legal aid