Legal Aid

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Changes to the criteria for legal aid for family law mean that a large percentage of the population no longer meet the requirements. You can contact us to check whether you meet the new criteria.

Legal aid in family matters continues to be available (subject to meeting the financial eligibility) for those who have been affected by domestic violence, as long as you can provide the appropriate documentation required by the LAA. Aid also continues to be available for all public law (subject to financial eligibility).

There are some situations where there is no ceiling for financial eligibility, such as when a Local Authority has issued a Public Law Outline letter asking a parent to attend a meeting with their legal representative. This is also relevant when the Local Authority has issued care proceedings.

Our legal aid solicitors, in all departments, are experienced in dealing with aid matters and stay on top of changes to eligibility, so you can rest assured you're in good hands with John Fowlers Solicitors.

Please contact us to speak to a reliable legal aid solicitor and discuss your requirements.