Legal Aid

Our Colchester solicitors offer Legal Aid for clients in the areas of family law, criminal law and mental health.

There have been a number of changes to the Legal Aid criteria for family law which has meant that a large number of the population no longer have Legal Aid available to them.

Legal Aid in family matters continues to be available (subject to meeting the financial eligibility) for those who have been affected by domestic violence, as long as they are able to provide the appropriate documentation required by the Legal Aid Agency to meet the new criteria for domestic violence.

Legal Aid also continues to be available in family matters for all public law (subject to being financially eligible). However, there are some situations in public law family matters when there is no ceiling on being financially eligible as there is no means or merits test.
This is only available when the Local Authority have issued a Public Law Outline letter to a parent asking them to attend a meeting with their legal representative or alternatively when the Local Authority have issued care proceedings.

The fee earners at John Fowlers Solicitors, in all departments, are very experienced in dealing with legal aid matters and are always familiarising themselves with the various updates with regards to the changes with Legal Aid.

We are a firm that deals in all aspects of Legal Aid on behalf of a client and therefore you can benefit from a vast amount of experience from members of the team in all departments.

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