The Importance of Family Mediation

20 August 2018
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Your local Colchester Solicitors, John Fowlers, explore the importance of Family Mediation and why you should consider this as an alternative to dealing with family disputes.

Family breakdowns can cause a great deal of stress and pain especially when there are children involved. In a case of family dispute, the best alternative resolution process is family mediation. 

Family mediation is a quick and cost-effective, process that will ensure issues are resolved by the participating individuals.  An impartial mediator sits through the sessions and helps you reach your own agreements amicably.

During the mediation process, every participant is encouraged to freely voice their concerns and issues. The mediator listens to each individual and understands the problems related to the dispute. Everyone gets a fair chance to put forward the opinion without fear as the mediation process is confidential. 

The benefits of Family Mediation: 

  • Parents get more control over what decisions will be made in relation to the children.
  • Limits stress when dealing with a sensitive matter.
  • Improves communications within the family.
  • Cost-effective alternative to dealing with family disputes. 

Family mediators have vast experience surrounding issues about separation and divorce. They ask questions about the practical impact on your family and any legal implications of ideas. Mediators are trained to focus on the needs of children in the family and will help you as parents, to do that together. 

Whether you’re looking for family mediation, counselling, workplace mediation or divorce coaching, at John Fowlers Solicitors in Colchester, we offer a fast and affordable mediation services in Essex which can take place at our offices in Colchester or another location, providing all parties involved agree.

To discuss our Essex mediation services further, please contact Litigation Solicitor, Ian Bradford, who’s an accredited mediator with more than 30 years’ experience in dispute resolution and litigation.