The 5 most effective ways to have a stress free move!

13 July 2018
Most people that have moved house will agree it can be a very stressful experience, however, we have these tips to help minimise the stress of moving house and make the whole process smooth sailing.
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Your local law firm, John Fowlers Solicitors, explain exactly what you need to do to minimise stress when you move house!

Most people that have moved house will agree, it can be a very stressful experience. It involves having to cope with change which can be a big thing to adjust too. Trying to balance moving with your busy everyday life, may lead to getting your house organised at the bottom of the list. However, we have these tips to help minimise the stress of moving house and make the whole process smooth sailing. 

1. Create a checklist.
Before you begin to pack and organise your house, it's essential to create a checklist of everything that you need to do before your move. It's useful to create a timeline that orders your jobs. For example, two months before the move you will need to declutter your home and receive estimates from removal companies. One week before you will need to pack most items in carefully labelled boxes.

2. Declutter.
First and foremost, before it's moving date make sure you've gone through your belongings and decluttered any old items that you don't need anymore. Moving house is the perfect time to start fresh. Out with the old and in with the new. 

3. Label your boxes smartly.
Rather than just labelling the boxes the name of the room, try having a coding system that tells you which items are urgent and which aren't. For example, boxes labelled '1 - Kitchen' are kitchen items that you need within the first week of moving.

4. Dismantle efficiently.
Make sure you can always locate the screws and brackets when you dismantle items. There's nothing worse than going to re-assemble your bed/table/sideboard, and you can't find them anywhere. Our solution is to put them all in a sandwich bag and tape securely to your furniture, so they never go missing again.

5. Make the bed the night before.
After spending a long day moving into your new house, you'll be most excited to jump into a fresh, clean bed. Well, our tip is to change your sheets the day before and then roll them up, pop it into your car and then straight onto the beds in your new house that evening! 

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