Protecting health, safety and wellbeing when working from home

9 August 2022
With remote working on the rise, it’s crucial that employers have a firm understanding of their responsibilities when it comes to protecting staff wellbeing. As an employer, you are responsible for protecting your employees health, safety and wellbeing, regardless of where they are working. However, it’s important that employees understand that they have responsibilities when it comes to their health and safety too.
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Here at John Fowlers Solicitors, we’re experienced in helping clients navigate through a wide range of employment related issues. We’ve compiled some useful information to help both employers and employees protect themselves, or their staff members, when working remotely. 

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How employers can protect the health, safety & wellbeing of homeworkers 

Employers should be conscious that they are responsible for the health, wellbeing and safety of all workers, including those who work remotely, work from home, or that adopt a hybrid working style. 

Generally, the risks to home workers are considered to be low and the actions that employers are required to take to protect them should be fairly straightforward. You might want to consider if any special requirements need to be met or if the work activity is particularly hazardous. Similarly, you should determine how you will keep in touch, how the work can be carried out safely, and any control measures that need to be implemented. 

Employers should provide advice and guidance on how to correctly set up equipment. They might also decide to encourage workers to complete questionnaires and self-assessment tools. It’s also important to keep in contact with employees, for example, phone and video calls. By completing a thorough risk assessment, you will find out if any areas need improvement. 

How remote-working employees can protect their own health, safety & wellbeing 

Employees are required to take reasonable care of their own health, safety and wellbeing whilst working at home. If you work from home, you should keep in regular contact with your manager and team. You should also tell your company about any physical, mental and safety risks that you face. In a similar way, you should discuss any working arrangements that might need to change. By communicating honestly and regularly, employees and employers should be able to work together to find solutions. 

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