Planning Ahead for Child Contact at Christmas

13 December 2018
Does Christmas have to be a difficult time for a divorced family? Here are five suggests that may ease the tension.
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Christmas is a time that highlights the emotional significance of family. For families that are divorced parents, deciding how you split your time over Christmas can be stressful and challenging. Contact during the festive period can often cause a lot of conflicts. There is no hard and fast rule on how Christmas should be divided. Each family needs to work on a solution that suits their circumstances best.

But does Christmas have to be a difficult time for a divorced family? Here are five suggestions that may ease the tension.

Children First
Your top priority over Christmas is your Children, that is what the whole season is centred around. Ask yourself, what can you do to ensure your children will enjoy their time as much as possible? If they are old enough, ask which traditions they would like to keep and with which parent. 

Communicate with your ex-partner, relatives and children, so everyone knows what to expect as early as possible to relieve stress for the children. If you can't come to an agreement, involve a mediator or a family law solicitor. At  John Fowlers Solicitors our family law solicitors in Essex will help you reach a solution. 

Be prepared to compromise and allow you both to have ownership of the arrangements. You both need to make an effort to be reasonable, always keeping in mind that you'll both put your children first. 

Stick to Agreements
Emotions can be high at this time of year, it's important to respect the agreement, that you've made to keep the peace. Ensure you're on time for drop-offs and collections to prevent children from waiting around and minimise any arguments.

Treat Yourself
If you are spending time alone this Christmas, stay surrounded by family and friends and make fun plans in your diary to make the most of the holidays. Children will feel more relaxed knowing their other parent will have a good time.

By focusing on being reasonable and putting children first, divorced parents can help children and themselves enjoy Christmas and create happy memories together.

Our family law solicitors in Essex will encourage you to put the needs of the children first and foremost. Unless there are welfare issues, the children should be spending quality time with both of their parents. 

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