National Adoption Week

16 October 2017
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With over 4000 children waiting to be adopted within the UK, National Adoption week, from 16th- 22nd October, calls out for people to support adoption.

Due to often unforeseen or unexpected circumstances, a child can sadly be left without parental care. Adoption offers a child a chance to be brought up in a stable, permanent home and can literally turn their life upside down. People decide to adopt for a wide range of reasons, whether they're struggling to conceive naturally, or are passionate about giving a child a second chance at life, adoption offers the perfect chance to start or extend a family.

According to charity Adoption UK, the reasons so many children are left needing an adoptive home is starkly different to how you might imagine. The majority of children awaiting adoption in the UK today are older children, who have sadly been removed from their parental home due to abuse or neglect. Highlighting exactly why raising awareness for the support of adoption is so very important.

If you're considering adopting a child, we'd highly recommend taking a look at the Adoption UK website for full information and advice on the process. The legal process of adoption can seem a complex one, which is why our Colchester based Family Law Solicitors are on hand to offer advice and assistance. Get in touch with our friendly Family Law team today.