How much does it cost to make a Will?

1 December 2020
Drafting a Will is one of the most common tasks that people choose to put off for another day. However, a Will is a safety net to ensure your family and loved ones are provided and protected for. Research shows that 61% of UK adults do not have a Will in place for when they pass.
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With our knowledge and experience, we can guide you through every stage of your Will writing process. Discover the cost of writing a Will with John Fowlers and the importance of having one in place.

Is it essential to have a Will? 

It is not essential to have a Will in place, however, a Will ensures your assets are handled correctly. A Will is a legally binding document which informs everyone what should happen to your money, possessions and property when you pass away - otherwise known as your ‘estate’.

Why use a solicitor to write your Will? 

A personally written Will may not be sufficient because you do not have the necessary legal knowledge and expertise, resulting in words and phrases that don’t actually mean what you intended. This may result in bitter, lengthy and expensive litigation over your Will when your family would already be going through a traumatic time.

A solicitor has years of experience and will prepare a Will that reflects your wishes, saving your loved ones from the lengthy and unfortunate experience of litigation.

Reasons for writing a Will 

First and foremost, a Will puts you in control. You decide who will benefit from your estate and what your loved ones are entitled to.

If you do not make a Will, intestacy rules will decide who benefits from your estate, which can produce results you would not have desired. The law of hierarchy also states who is able to handle your financial affairs after death, and can lead to problems if that person is not suitable.

There are many different reasons for writing a Will, but they are down to individual circumstances including: 

  • Ensure your children are provided for financially 
  • You are worried about inheritance tax
  • Your personal circumstances change 
  • You have specific funeral wishes
  • Safeguard your family home

The cost of making a Will with John Fowlers

Making a Will with John Fowlers does not have to be expensive with a basic Will costing from as little as £125 + VAT.

Don’t leave anything to chance - get in touch with John Fowlers today for further information regarding our Will writing service. Our team of expert solicitors can professionally draft your Will for you or aid in reviewing your current Will.