How can mediation help you?

25 October 2017
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Your local Colchester solicitors examine the process of Mediation, explaining how and when it could benefit you.
You could be forgiven for thinking of Mediation as a bit of a buzzword, as it is often thrown around in the discussion of family law. However, Mediation can be a key stage in resolving conflict without the need for expensive court proceedings.
What is mediation?
The process of Mediation is quite simple, and involves two or more parties meeting in a private and informal setting. A mediator – a professional trained in settling conflicts - will be on hand to try and settle their dispute.

When can it be used?
There are no set rules for which circumstances mediation can or cannot be used in, however it works particularly well when dealing with divorce proceedings or child custody. However, we would recommend considering mediation to resolve any family or commercial dispute.
At John Fowlers Solicitors our friendly and experienced mediator has over 30 years experience in resolving disputes. For further information on our Colchester Mediation services, get in touch with our team here.