How can mediation benefit me? #FamilyMediationWeek

25 January 2018
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John Fowlers solicitors are proud to be supporting #FamilyMediationWeek.

Last year, we briefly spoke about #FamilyMediationWeek on our blog, where we explained in a little more detail exactly how mediation works and how it can help you move forward in times of conflict - which you can read here. This year, we’re promoting the benefits of mediation, particularly the benefits of choosing mediation over more traditional processes.
Mediation is, by nature, an informal process used to resolve conflict or dispute in a relationship – this can be a marriage, civil partnership, or even a professional employer-employee relationship. 
Avoid court proceedings
During any dispute, the thought of going to court can be nerve-racking and can cause anxiety – both emotionally and financially. By using an experienced mediator to resolve a dispute, not only can you avoid the need for court but you can also shorten the time it takes to find a resolution.
Leave your relationship in a positive light 
Whatever conflict it is that you’re experiencing, mediation is a much more civilized and less-confrontational way of resolving issues, this proves beneficial as moving forward the relationship is often left in a more positive light.
Make informed decisions, without feeling pressured
Our mediator Ian Bradford explains exactly why he feels mediation is so beneficial: “During mediation, I am able to offer clear, concise meaningful advice. It’s about providing people with the information they need to make informed decisions about their situation, making them feel safe in the knowledge that our recommendations aim to provide them with the best outcome”. 
Ian has more than 30 years experience in dispute resolution and litigation, so if you’d like to find out more about the Essex Mediation services we offer, get in touch here.